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The Texas Radio Collection is my personal endeavor to share radio imaging from the state of Texas. Here, you can find everything I have in my personal collection, including off-air montages, scoped and unscoped airchecks, as well as a few full station ID packages.  My goal is to expand the material on the site as much as I possibly can, but I'd always appreciate any and all help in this endeavor.  My travels to the far north, south, east and west portions of the state are typically limited, so any help from those areas (ie: Tyler, Nacogdoches, Beaumont, Houston, Amarillo, El Paso, Brownsville, Laredo, and surrounding areas) would be especially helpful.

All of the material presented on this site is copyright by its original producer and is presented here for entertainment, historical and/or educational purposes only.  If a copyright holder wishes for any particular material to be removed from the site, please contact me at the address below.  All off-air material was personally recorded by me, with a few exceptions which are noted on the respective files.  Any and all contributions to the site will be credited to the contributor.

For aircheck and jingle traders: If you have any material from Texas (or basically anywhere else, regarding jingle packages), please check out the Unscoped Airchecks page and my Trade List page (found by clicking here) to see all of the material I currently have to trade.  If you see something you'd be interested in, please contact me at the address below.  This is a non-profit website, so no material listed on any page of this site is for sale.  Anyone who offers to purchase any material, particularly any kind of full jingle package listed, will be ignored, no exceptions.  The full packages presented on this site are the results of countless hours of work by other people, and thus are only available as a means of trading for other such packages. 


NOTE: Since this is just a hobby of mine, other commitments may delay e-mail responses during various parts of the year, but I typically should be able to respond within a week during the busiest times.  Otherwise, I typically do my best to respond to e-mails within 24 hours.





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All material copyright by its original producer and is presented here for entertainment purposes only.
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