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12/23/11: In this update, we have three more station montages.  These include an off-air recording from KDCD-FM (ReelWorld's WCTO 2006) and webstream recordings from KEAN-FM (ReelWorld ONE: Country) and KNUE-FM (Thompson Creative's Today's Country 2.0). Also uploaded are two new miscellaneous montages.  In Montage #12 I tried carrying the same key (Key F) throughout the entire five minutes, with decent success...  Montage #13 is another Christmas montage, put together at the last minute due to request.  Download links are listed below the SoundCloud player and on the off-air and misc montages pages.

KDCD - WCTO 2006
KEAN - ReelWorld ONE: Country
KNUE - Today's Country 2.0
Montage #12
Montage #13

Wow!  An update!!  It's been a while, and I haven't traveled much in the last year or so, but I did my best to gather up enough material for a worthwhile update.  I've added 11 new off-air montages, featuring three true off-the-air montages and eight montages recorded off the internet.  As I've mentioned before, I don't like using internet webstreams, but it's still better than nothing.

This update features a new audio player for the home page.  This will allow you to listen to all of the new material non-stop without having to leave the page.  For downloading purposes, all of these new montages have download links on the Off-Air Montages page.

You'll find the newest 11 montages listed in the SoundCloud player.  The three off-air montages include updates from KGKL-FM (TM Studios' Ridin' High), KIXY-FM (ReelWorld's KIIS-LA 2007) and WACO-FM (TM Studios' Country Wave).  The remaining eight webstream montages run deep in ReelWorld material...  These include ReelWorld ONE: Country montages from KAJA-FM, KASE-FM, KHEY-FM and KGNC-FM.  Additional stations include KSII-FM (ReelWorld's KIIS-LA 2007), KFWR-FM (YoungGuns Studios), KMRK-FM (ReelWorld's WCTO 2006) and KLLL-FM (ReelWorld's KYGO 2010).  Enjoy the new stuff!

New Off-Air Updates by Texas Radio Collection

/1/11: Other notes on the recent update include another aesthetic change to the site.  As always, if any links or pages do not work correctly, feel free to send an e-mail.  In addition, two existing off-air montages were changed on the Off-Air Montages page.  The files for KEAN-FM and KOXE-FM were updated with better-quality recordings from 2009 that were recorded in stereo instead of mono.  There may be a cut or two different among the two, but they are essentially the same as the previous versions.

Also, I uploaded the first montage on this site featuring a station from out of the state.  Check out the montage for KCYE-FM, Las Vegas below.  If I travel enough out of state (and record enough material) I may make a special section for out-of-state stations.  This section would ONLY feature material that I record off-air.  No webstream recordings here!  But for now, since I only have one station under my belt, I'll just leave the link here on the home page.

KCYE-FM (Las Vegas, NV) - ReelWorld ONE: Country
(2:54 / 6.64 MB)

12/9/09: Finally added some new general montages... #s 9, 10 & 11.  They've been added to the
"Misc. Montages" page, but it's just as easy to use the links below... Enjoy!

Montage #9 - Just another run-of-the-mill montage... No real theme here.
Montage #10 -
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, etc, etc...  My try at the infamous Christmas Montage.
Montage #11 -
TEXAS ONLY, mostly off-air, and likely a few re-sings you haven't heard before.


3/28/09: Updated the big Texas Top Of Hour Montage one more time 3/28/09
I forgot one cut, and it was one of the few I really wanted to include on the montage, so it has been added at the 14:30 mark of the montage.  It is otherwise unchanged from the update earlier this month.  The two download links below are updated to the new version.

Now covering over 100 cuts!  I based my criteria for choosing cuts for this montage on one thing: the city name must be sung in the cut.  Some cuts may be alternate TOH cuts from the same package for the same station, and one or two may not have necessarily been used specifically as a TOH ID by the stations themselves, but I made sure there aren't any repeats and all cuts meet my main criteria.
Caution: large file.

for the hi-bandwidth version of the montage. (28:25 min / 65.0MB / 320kbps)
for the lo-bandwidth version of the montage. (28:25 min / 26.0MB / 128kbps)


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